Raw Results – November 4, 2019

This week’s Monday Night Raw came from the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York, featuring all the fallout from Crown Jewel that went down last week in Saudi Arabia.

1. Charlotte Flair & Natalya vs. The Kabuki Warriors. Natalya kicked the match off against Kairi and Asuka was tagged in early on. Charlotte came in and dominated the match as the champions tried to hold their ground. We returned from commercials to see Asuka lock in a submission on Natalya before tagging in Sane.

Flair came in and hit a Fallaway Slam followed by a Natural Selection but Asuka broke the pin. Charlotte hit the moonsault but Asuka broke the pin a second time. Natalya locked in a sharpshooter on Asuka and made her tap after Charlotte took out Kairi with a spear.

Winners: Natalya & Charlotte Flair

– Andrade and Vega were out and declared themselves the best Mixed Match team ever. They were set to face Sin Cara and his Mixed Match partner, Carolina.

2. Sin Cara & Carolina vs. Andrade & Zelina Vega. Sin Cara sent Andrade outside early on and Carolina hit a dive on the outside before we headed for commercials. During the break, Vega hit a tornado DDT to Sin Cara on the outside.

The women were legal and Andrade broke up a pin attempt. Sin Cara set up his teammate for a big move on Vega before diving onto Andrade. Vega reversed a buckle bomb and got the pinfall, picking up the win.

Winners: Andrade & Zelina Vega

– Rusev was in the ring and said that he was ready to end the drama. He said Lashley could have Lana but had to face Rusev in a match. Lashley was using crutches and said that he ‘tore his groin’ while he was ‘doing things to Lana’. Instead, he sent Drew McIntyre out to fight Rusev. Rusev won by DQ, after Lashley’s interference. Orton and Ricochet came out to join the fight. Lana was standing there, smiling.

– Becky Lynch was scheduled for an exclusive interview before Shayna Baszler interrupted her. Shayna didn’t bum-rush Becky like she did the SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley, but she did arrive unannounced, interrupting Lynch’s sit-down interview with Charly Caruso to kick off a tense face-to-face. “I’m not Ronda Rousey,” warned The Queen of Spades, with the additional promise to pin or submit The Man at Survivor Series — while leaving Lynch the courtesy of picking the limb that would be targeted.

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