Raw Results – December 2, 2019

– Kevin Owens then put out an open challenge before Lana & Lashley came out. KO was sick of Lana’s babbling when she started talking. She said that Rusev will not be with them tonight since she put out another restraining order and will go to jail if he tried. Lana and KO kept on bickering before Lana sent Lashley to face Owens. Two police officers were there to protect them from Rusev.

– Lashley was dominating early on before KO dropped him on the apron and hit a senton to the outside. After a break, Lashley was in control again and hit a neckbreaker on Owens. The match was interrupted by the AOP, who dragged Owens away to the backstage area.

– After the match, Lashley was saying he had nothing to do with the attack on KO before Rusev attacked him in the ring. Rusev fled before the police officers could tell what was happening and everyone chanted ‘Rusev Day’. Lashley was livid at the officers for not doing anything about it before they turned on him and arrested The All Mighty instead. Lana then slapped one of them and she was arrested as well.

– Backstage, Lana & Lashley were carried away in the cops’ Dodge Neon while The Street Profits and R-Truth looked on.

– Andrade w/Zelina Vega defeated Eric Young.

– The Kabuki Warriors cut a promo mostly in Japanese and attacked Charlotte before their two-on-one match started after weeks of Asuka and Flair going head-to-head.

The Kabuki Warriors vs. Charlotte Flair

The duo unloaded on Charlotte as the match began before Charlotte sent Kairi into the barricades but Asuka took her out with a kick from the apron. Charlotte hit a dive on both opponents before focusing on Asuka.

Charlotte hit the Figure-8 on Sane but Asuka broke it up. Charlotte was about to hit a double Superplex but was denied. She then hit a double spear but still no pinfall. Charlotte locked in the Figure-8 off a spear but Asuka had made the tag, letting Kairi get the pin off the Insane Elbow.

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors

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