Tables, Ladders And Chairs Results (2019)

– On Hell in a Cell Kickoff, Andrade w/Zelina Vega faced Humberto Carillo once again. Andrade once again ran into Zelina. In the ensuing confusion, Carrillo hit a reverse hurricanrana from the second rope and a massive moonsault to get the 1-2-3. Following the match, Andrade refused to speak with Vega and waived her off before walking to the back.

– Later on, Rusev faced Lashley w/Lana in a Tables match. In the ending moments of the match, Lana raked Rusev’s eyes, and Lashley put him through a table to win.

Women’s Tag Team Titles: The Kabuki Warriors (c) vs. Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair

Little time was wasted making this a full-on brawl. Lynch threw Asuka through chairs stacked on top of a table at ringside and Kairi Sane ate a Flair big boot as she leapt from the ring apron to the outside. While Lynch and Flair were firing up, Asuka and Sane turned the tables by using chairs, including dropkicking one into Flair’s face. The makeshift team roared back with weaponry of their own before heading into the ring in an attempt to climb the ladder.

Sane threw chairs from the outside into the ring as a distraction and then tried to run away by crawling under the ring. When Flair and Lynch pulled her out, she used a fire extinguisher to take the advantage back. A rope used by Asuka earlier in the match was used to tie Lynch to a ladder at ringside and Flair was sent over the ringside barricade, seemingly leaving an opening for the champs to easily climb the ladder for the win. Flair ran back to the ring and used a kendo stick to knock Asuka and Sane from the ladder. After Lynch was freed from the rope, she and Flair took over with Lynch eventually hitting a senton on Asuka, putting her through a table. Flair would go on to use sheer power to muscle Sane into a powerbomb through another table at ringside.

As momentum continued to swing back and forth, Flair was the next woman put through a table, taking a powerbomb from the second rope down into one at ringside. The finish came when Lynch was climbing the ladder and Asuka used the rope, which was still attached to the ladder from when Lynch had been tied to it earlier, to tip it over and dump Lynch into the ropes. Asuka then climbed the ladder to retrieve the titles for the victory in what was a brutal TLC main event, even if high spot fatigue had begun to set in by this point in the evening.

Thoughts: The match was clunky and it had too many spots outside the ring, as the attention was barely towards trying to get those titles. However, the spots they did were brutal and creative, with the fire extinguisher, the ropes, a powerbomb through the table, etc. Towards the end, Kairi Sane looked like she was out of it, probably with a concussion,  but Asuka and Lynch managed to pull of an innovative ending with the ropes. Asuka is now 3-0 in the PPV main events!

Rating: 2.5

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