Main Event Results – January 9, 2020 (Hottest Free Agent)

Natalya vs. Chelsea Green

They lock up and Natalya grounds things right away. back to the feet, they work into counters and Green works the arm, Natalya counters and cradles her for 2. Natalya grounds things, Green counter and they work to the ropes. Green hits a shoulder tackle, Natalya counters into a monkey flip and Green fights off the sharpshooter. The big boot follows, and Green chokes out Natalya in the corner. She follows with kicks, chokes her out again and Natalya cradles her for 2. Green hits a clothesline and covers for 2. She grounds the action, Natalya fights to her feet and Green slams her down and chokes her out in the ropes. She follows with a kick to the face, covering for 2. Natalya fights back to her feet, fires back and Green grounds her, working a camel clutch. Natalya powers up, slams her way out and fires back with kicks, and a suplex, running basement dropkick and covers for 2. Green counters back, heads up top and laps over Natalya and Natalya hits a clothesline and finishes her off with a Sharpshooter.

Winner: Natalya

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