Raw Results – February 24, 2020 (Bite Me)

Charly Caruso interviewed Zelina Vega and Angel Garza. Vega said their only interest in Humberto Carrillo was an obligation to take out the trash. There was some family you were proud of and others you’d rather deny. Vega said Garza wanted to put Dimples Carrillo in his place and take the top spot on Raw. Caruso thanked them for the interview. Garza told her it was a pleasure and kissed her hand. Caruso appeared flattered. After the break, Garza defeated Carrillo with a rollup, with Zelina by his side.

R-Truth was in the ring. He welcomed us to the winter premiere of “Truth TV.” Truth welcomed his guests, Lana and Bobby Lashley. They went to break before this actually began. Truth tried to start but Lana cut him off and said they weren’t here for his show, he had a match against Lashley. He tried avoiding it, but eventually fought. Lashley won with Lana in his corner.

Women’s Elimination Chamber Contract Signing

Jerry Lawler hosted. Asuka entered before a break and Natalya entered after a break. Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan were already in the ring. No Baszler. Lawler tried talking about the importance of the Chamber but Asuka cut him off perhaps because she was bored. She was also annoyed that all six women weren’t out there.

Lawler understood her concern and said Baszler was in the building earlier tonight. Logan was the first to sign. Natalya signed next and received a nice reaction from the crowd. Morgan signed next and was also cheered. She walked the contract over to Riott and slammed it in front of her. Riott signed.

They got face-to-face and Lawler asked everyone to keep things under control. Asuka signed. Baszler’s music and she entered through the crowd. Baszler signed the contract. Baszler faced off with Natalya. Lawler was content that the contract was signed and left.

Asuka shoved down Natalya and got in Baszler’s face before saying, “bite me.” Natalya attacked Asuka, then Morgan launched at Riott. Logan pulled Morgan off as Baszler just smiled and watched the chaos.

Baszler was the only one in the ring when Lynch’s music hit. Lynch went after Baszler and they brawled until officials separated them. The crowd chanted “let them fight.” Lynch broke through the officials and attacked before she was separated again.

Beth Phoenix was confirmed to return next week to give us an update on Edge’s status.

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