Raw Results – March 9, 2020 (Hart To Liv)

Becky Lynch came out to start the show. She said the time for joking and treading water was over because she finally knows who her WrestleMania opponent is — the cage fighter, Shayna Baszler. She had a video package played of Baszler’s win last night. They included a post-show interview by Baszler where she said she would take the title and called Lynch a bitch.

Lynch said Baszler cut through the one woman Lynch took her entire career to beat, just in a matter of minutes. She put over Baszler’s MMA career and dominant NXT title reigns. Lynch also called Baszler a black hole of charisma. Lynch admitted she might be a bitch but she’s the bitch that runs this division. Lynch recalled Baszler refusing to shake her hand after Mania last year after she beat her pal, Ronda Rousey. She promised she will beat her at WrestleMania.

Rey Mysterio defeated Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega.

They aired the Rhea Ripley video package again. Charlotte sarcastically called Ripley the next big thing and the newest shiny toy. Charlotte was confused over why Ripley would say that to be the best, you have to beat the best, when she also claims she wants to be nothing like her. Charlotte wanted to teach Ripley a lesson. It was one thing to stand in front of an empty stadium dreaming about Mania and another to be humbled in front of 90,000 people.

Ripley interrupted. Before she could say anything, Charlotte stopped her to remind her that Raw was her kingdom. Charlotte told her to leave, so Ripley punched her in the face, knocking her down. Charlotte sold this by smiling and chuckling. Ripley also smiled as she left. Charlotte stood right up and smiled back.

Asuka and Sane cut a promo in Japanese before the match. Asuka wanted to beat someone up. They mentioned Alexa Bliss calling them out. Natalya and Liv Morgan walked out for a Tag Team match.

Liv Morgan & Natalya vs. The Kabuki Warriors

Ruby Riott watched the match from the ringside and shortly after Sarah Logan joined her. The Warriors worked over Natalya’s arm. Riott and Logan attacked each other before long. Morgan then nailed a dive on both women off the top. Natalya made a comeback and put Sane in the sharpshooter, but Asuka had made a blind tag. Asuka slipped in the ring and kicked Natalya in the head for the pinfall win.

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors

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