NXT UK Results – March 12, 2020 (Ray Is Reigning)

They had an interview with Piper Niven. She said she got involved with Toni vs. Kay Lee Ray because she and Toni are like sisters, and couldn’t allow KLR to cripple her. She looked at KLR and realized that she’ll have to do something about her.

Dani Luna vs. Amale

They locked up and Luna overpowered Amale to begin. Amale fired back to counter a slam. They worked some slow motion exchanges until Luna hit a fall away slam. NXT UK Women’s champion Kay Lee ray arrived and attacked both.

Result: No Contest

KLR grabbed the mic and said that after getting rid of Toni Storm, she is here to put the women’s division on notice. Luna attacked her from behind but KLR successfully threw her off with a series of kicks, followed by a Gory Bomb. She reminded her that the division is hers.

They aired a video package for Aoife Valkyrie. She said that every feather she wears represents a battle she has won. Witness the Rise of the Valkyrie.

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