Natalya On Not Being Able To Get Signed By WWE

Natalya appeared on the recent After The Bell episode to discuss the induction of her uncle, The British Bulldog:

It feels like the time has never been better. And the fact that you know, we look at how much WWE has grown since the heyday of the British Bulldog. You look at even just English wrestling. And so many people – not just English wrestlers, but so many people in our industry say that it was the British Bulldog that inspired them to want to get to WWE. And they look back on that match that Bret and Davey had at Wembley Stadium in 1992, and they say, ‘That was the match that I watched, that was the match that inspired me to do this.’ And I feel like that’s truly what makes a Hall of Famer, is how much they inspire people. And Davey’s just — his work and his legacy, and being the British Bulldog has just stood the test of time. And he’s still so relevant to the culture of WWE today.

She also talked about her career and how it took her long to get signed by WWE:

I was almost not gonna get signed. I had a really hard time getting hired. And I won’t get into too many details, but I think because of the conflict with Bret and the Screwjob, and there was just so much tension with the family. I think it did make things a little tricky. Because whether anybody wants to believe it or not, and I’m just coming right out and saying it. In the world – not just in wrestling, but in the world, there’s politics. There’s nepotism, there’s politics, there’s friends that are friends with friends, that get – we didn’t have that luxury because Bret had conflict with the company. And so it was really hard and I had to just basically get in their faces and not take no for an answer. So it’s a great story, because it makes me appreciate my career here so much more.

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