Today In History: Trish Stratus Wins The Women’s Title At WrestleMania XIX (March 30, 2003)

On this day in history, 17 years ago, Trish Stratus won her fourth Women’s title by defeating her arch-nemeses, Jazz and Victoria. Stratus and the returning Jazz had a match on Raw to determine who would challenge Victoria for the title at WrestleMania. During the match, Victoria entered the ring and hit both women with the title belt, earning a double disqualification. It was then announced that Victoria would defend the title against both Stratus and Jazz in a triple threat match at the event.

Throughout the match, Jazz and Victoria would double-team Stratus and Steven Richards, who was at ringside in Victoria’s corner, would intervene in the match. As Jazz was thrown over the top rope onto ringside, however, Richards came in the ring with a steel chair and tried to hit Stratus with it but missed and hit it off the ropes, allowing Stratus to perform the Stratus Faction on him. Victoria went for the Widow’s Peak on Stratus, who countered with a chick kick to Victoria to win the match and the women’s title, tying The Fabulous Moolah’s record of four title reigns at the time.

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