Deonna Purrazzo Talks Frustrations With WWE, Whether She Would Return

Deonna Purrazzo recently did an interview with Pat Laprade & Kevin Raphael to discuss her WWE release and frustrations with the company. Check out the highlights below.

On not being happy with her status:

I didn’t know that it was coming, and last Wednesday we had a company-wide app that Vince McMahon had put a video on for us all to watch and it talks about people being furloughed and people being fired and pay cuts so it kind of all happened fast. No one really expected it, and then as soon as we all watched the video, we clicked over to Twitter and it was name after name being released, but I kind of just didn’t know but I had a gut feeling like, ‘I’m gonna get a call today,’ and probably for the last six months, I’ve talked to so many people in the office in NXT about not being happy, not being utilized properly, wanting to be booked more and do more, and I just had a lot of push back from it and speaking up for myself was looked upon negatively.

It was about a month ago that I had a conversation with Canyon Cemen and I said, ‘If I’m not gonna get ahead of this and I’m not gonna change people’s minds about me, then I don’t wanna be here anymore.’ So, when he called me last Wednesday, it was kind of like, he had said to me on the phone, ‘You know, your name was on the list. I think this is something you’ll be happy about and you wanted’ and I said, ‘100 percent, absolutely.’ So, with that said, as unexpected as it was, I kind of just in my heart knew that-that would happen and I’m looking forward to being back on the indies and actually wrestling the way I wanna wrestle.

On not getting a proper shot in NXT:

I feel like I didn’t get a proper shot in NXT and I wasn’t featured regularly on NXT TV. I wasn’t in the women’s championship title picture. I feel like my opportunities there were squandered really fast, and to be honest about it, I wasn’t the chosen one. I had worked for WWE since 2014 in so many roles. [I had] been on NXT TV more as an extra talent without signing a contract than I was when I was under contract. So, all of these reasons were reasons I was unhappy and I was vocal about it and I know what I was worth, I knew what I could do and I thought coming in, July of 2018 like I had proved myself.

Like I had proved I was ready to be a superstar and it ended up being that I was hired to keep me from AEW, and keep me from doing ALL IN and I continued to be enhancement talent for two years. So, I really would like to now focus on the indies and getting back to where I was and getting back to the in-ring competitor that I was prior to NXT, and more than hoping I go back one day, I just kinda want to say, ‘Screw you guys. That’s what I feel right now.’ I feel like I wanna prove them wrong and if I earn an opportunity again, then I’m not gonna sit on the sidelines like I did for two years.

On the paycheck:

I definitely think if you budget right and you live within what your means are, you absolutely can save. Luckily in the last four months, I did a lot of RAW, I did a lot of traveling with them, I did a lot of things on NXT so you definitely get pay increases, you get raises throughout your time in NXT so, I’ve been lucky to save a big chunk of money. But, the pay scale is case-by-case so some people come in with a name and get paid way more than the women that come in, and it’s just kind of that’s the nature of the world.

On whether she would return to WWE:

Definitely how I feel now, there’s no reason. If I’m gonna be brought back to NXT to lose, and I’d lost the last few years so it’s not to my benefit and what’s funny enough is, I was asked to wrestle — so we were supposed to have tapings on a Sunday a couple of weeks ago and they were supposed to go through with the TV and it ended up being cancelled so they could do live TV last Wednesday. But, what I was meant to be doing was not to my benefit and it was to lose to someone who I’ve lost to clean a ton of times and it was just like, ‘Why? What is the point anymore? You’re just burying me and burying me and I’m done with it.’ So, unless they call me to do something for me, there would be no point.’

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