SmackDown Results – May 8, 2020 (The Deville Incarnate)

Mandy and Sonya were seen preparing backstage for their match. Rose told Otis to focus on his match and that she got this. Deville talked to Ziggler, who told her to try and not hurt Rose, but she couldn’t promise anything.

Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville

Rose jumped Deville to start the match. She backed Deville in the corner and beat her down. Deville attacked the inhmjured leg to gain control briefly. Rose recovered and rocked Deville with forearms. Deville rolled out of the ring. Deville attacked Rose’s leg to regain control. Deville slowed the pace down with the body scissors. When Rose gained control again, she dragged outside the ring and threw her over the announcer’s table. When she went for her finisher, back in the ring, she was caught off guard with a rollup for the 3 count.

Winner: Sonya Deville

Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. Lacey Evans & Tamina

Tamina sent Bayley and Sasha Banks running to start the match, and the heels almost left. Lacey Evans got in their way, starting a brawl. Deciding to continue after that, they isolated The Sassy Southern Belle. It worked for a while, but Tamina would not be denied. Bayley blocked a Superfly Splash and hit a Bayley-to-Belly into a diving elbow. However, the veteran kicked out. The Legit Boss had to save The Role Model from a first Samoan drop attempt. Evans took out Banks with the Woman’s Right, setting up Tamina to hit a superkick into a Samoan drop for the win.

Winners: Lacey Evans & Tamina

Kayla Braxton interviewed Carmella and Dana Brooke. Brooke pointed out that nobody believed she could defeat Naomi to qualify, not even her best friend, Carmella. Carmella noted she apologized, and Brooke claimed she was just teasing. Brooke and Carmella both promised to win the MITB ladder match.

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