Money In The Bank Results (2020)

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley (c) w/Sasha Banks vs. Tamina

Bayley taunted Tamina and pushed her around. Tamina had enough and quickly took control of the match. Bayley locked on a sleeper hold, but Tamina rammed Bayley into the turnbuckle. Tamina was firmly in control until Bayley went after Tamina’s knee. Bayley slammed Tamina’s knee into the ring post. She followed up by dropkicking the knee against the ring post. Tamina recovered and hit a splash in the corner. Tamina attempted the Superkick, but Bayley countered into a kneebar. Tamina fought to the ropes to break the hold. Bayley attempted a Somaon drop, but she couldn’t hold her up, and Tamina fell on her.

Bayley rolled outside and grabbed a bottle of water. She threw it in Tamina’s face. Tamina snapped and regained control. She threw Bayley into the ropes and hit a clothesline on the floor.┬áTamina caught Bayley with a superkick knocking her off the apron. Tamina then threw Bayley over the announce table.┬áTamina attempted the splash, but Bayley got her feet up. Tamina caught Bayley’s leg and lifted her. Tamina then hit the superkick and tried the Samoan drop. Banks distracted Tamina and she let the hold go. Tamina chased Banks. Tamina picked up Bayley again in the Samoan Drop, but Bayley reversed into the crucifix and pinned Tamina to retain the title.

Winner: Bayley (c)

After the match, Tamina tried the Samoan Drop again, but Banks made the save. Banks beat down Tamina and celebrated with the champion.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed it, the storytelling was on point. Bayley played her role really well, and Tamina did her part as the dominant babyface. The Superkick into a Leg Lock was impressive and the finish was unique, they found a way to give Tamina a rematch. I want to see Tamina win the gold eventually.

Rating: 3

Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match

They introduced the women in the lobby in front of the elevators. Asuka was introduced but didn’t show up, and the women were confused. They found her standing on the balcony. She lept off the balcony and wiped out all the women standing below. Asuka laughed and jumped in the elevator. The women chased each other up the stairs. The women tried to get on the elevator, but the men got off. Everyone was brawling, so Asuka and Black sneaked off.

Jax, Baszler, Brooke, and Carmella fought in a conference room. Brooke wiped out Jax with a steel chair and noticed the briefcase on the ceiling. She pulled down the briefcase and thought she won. Stephanie McMahon showed up and told her this was just the Money in the Bank conference room. Carmella hit Booke with a picture of Carmella winning MITB.┬áCarmella moonwalked out of the room, but Evans knocked her out with the women’s right.

Paul Heyman was enjoying a feast when everyone showed up. The men and women faced off. Otis yelled food fight, and they all started throwing food at each other. Otis threw food at Heyman to start the fight. Baszler locked on the kirifuda clutch on Mysterio. Jax and Otis then sandwiched Mysterio. It ended with Otis and Jax as the last ones standing. The women all battled to get to the roof first and ran up the stairs.

Asuka and Evans fought on the top of the ladder. Asuka knocked off Evans, and she landed on Jax. Asuka climbed to the top, but Corbin ran up the same ladder. He tried to grab the men’s briefcase, but Asuka knocked him off. Asuka pulled down the briefcase to win the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

Winner: Asuka

Thoughts: Everything about the ”match” was funny. Dana was the MVP as far as comedy goes, she gave us several gif-worthy spots. Asuka played the game strategically and it paid off in the end. The match at the top of the building was intense and all 3 did their parts, but I wish all of the women had made it to the top. Asuka as the winner is a very interesting choice. Since it was more of a cinematic match than a real one, I can’t rate it higher.

Rating: 3

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