NXT Results – May 13, 2020 (Robert Stone Is Watching)

Tegan Nox vs. Indi Hartwell

Hartwell gained an early advantage with an aggressive start. Hartwell went for a springboard, but Nox caught her with a gozzle. Nox gave her a chokeslam. Nox with a cannonball in the corner, and she followed with a flying crossbody off the top. Nox delivered the Shiniest Wizard, and covered Hartwell for the pinfall.

Winner: Tegan Nox

They recapped Rhea Ripley’s return last week. She said Io Shirai couldn’t get the job done, so she had to step in. She said if she had to go through her to get a title match, so be it. She claimed she and Charlotte are not finished yet.

We saw another vignette for Karion Kross and Scarlett on NXT, this time with Kross explaining why “terrible people do terrible things.” They’re not here to shock a system or save anyone. It’s time to wake up from the dream, or you stay asleep forever.

A vignette played of Dakota Kai, with the Captain of Team Kick explaining why she turned on Tegan Nox all those months ago and why she’s currently working alongside Raquel Gonzalez.

Aliyah vs. Kayden Carter

Carter was working over Aliyah’s lags early looking for submissions. A shoving match led to Carter hitting a nice looking bottom rope dropkick, but her advantage didn’t last long as an aggressive Aliyah took control. As Aliyah was dominating, Robert Stone came out to get a closer look. As she was distracted in trying to impress Scott and adjusted herself on the top rople, Carter brought her down and started laying in chops. Carter eventually locked her in a spinning deathlock submission for the win.

Winner: Kayden Carter

After the match, Aliyah tried to make things good with an unimpressed Stone who removed her hand from his arm and walked away.

They showed Candice and Gargano having a dinner again. They said that if anyone speaks their names, there will be consequences. LeRae stated that Kacy Catanzaro was an example. As far as the rest of the women’s locker room, nobody deserves an NXT Women’s Championship match, especially Mia Yim. They are targeting Mia Yim and Keith Lee.

Next week: Io Shirai vs. Charlotte Flair

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