Raw Results – May 18, 2020 (Women Steal The Show)

There was a Liv Morgan sit-down promo. Morgan said her mom is her hero. Her mom didn’t have a job or much of a savings account but she was determined and never quit. A few weeks ago, Morgan had a match against Charlotte Flair — the pride and joy of WWE. Morgan didn’t win, but she learned. She learned that she was just like her mother. She learned that one day, she will become Raw Women’s Champion.

Charlotte said she was the hardest working person on all three brands. She was the face of Raw, a mentor in NXT and made a special appearance on Smackdown, where Bayley challenged her to a champion vs. champion match. She was happy to teach Bayley there were levels to being a champion. She knew Ruby Riott had something to say to her and invited her out, setting up a match.

Ruby Riott vs. Charlotte Flair

Charlotte missed a chop on the outside and chopped the ring post. Riott attacked but Charlotte grabbed her by the hair and drove her into the post. Riott fought back in the ring and hit a falling backward senton for two. Riott followed later with a schoolgirl for two. Charlotte blocked a Riott Kick, stomped her and applied the Figure Eight for the submission win.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

Kairi Sane was in the ring and introduced Asuka, her friend and champion. Asuka came out and thanked Sane for the flowers. She spoke in Japanese about becoming Raw Women’s Champion. Sane listed all the titles Asuka has won and noted she’s a Grand Slam champion now. She wanted to play a song for her, before Nia Jax interrupted her. Jax said there was nothing to celebrate because she was literally handed the belt. Jax called Asuka a temporary champion who would be replaced one day by her. Jax said they would have a real party when she becomes champion. Asuka attacked her for interrupting her party and sent her out of the ring with a running hip attack.

Lashley defeated R-Truth in dominant fashion again. After the match, they cut to Lana backstage who was watching the match on TV. She was furious, throwing stuff around.

Asuka and Kairi continued to celebrate backstage and eventually separated. They showed Nia Jax spying from behind, who eventually attacked her. Asuka and a trainer checked on Sane. Asuka became enraged and stormed off. She confronted Jax and attacked her from behind, followed by a kick to the head.

Women’s Tag Team Titles: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (c) vs. The IIconics

The IIconics walked out to cut a prom. Billie Kay thought Bliss and Cross should just hand over the belts. Kay and Peyton Royce called themselves the future.  Kay tried the jab to the neck that helped lead to their victory last week but Bliss ducked and clocked her with a right hand. Bliss followed with a Twisted Bliss but Royce broke up the cover. Royce repeatedly drove Bliss shoulder-first into the post. The referee demanded she stop, but she didn’t, so he called for the DQ.

Winners: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (c) – DQ

After the match, they showed The IIconics arguing backstage. Billie said Peyton blew their only chance and slapped her. Peyton started to cry, as did Billie, who then apologized and hugged her.

Shayna Baszler vs. Natalya

Baszler went for a sharpshooter but Natalya countered into a sharpshooter of her own. Baszler got to the ropes but there are no rope breaks in a submission match. Natalya lost leverage though and let go. Natalya continued the attack and applied a kneebar but Baszler countered into a Kirifuda Clutch for the submission win.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Natalya was upset and remained in the ring as the crew began setting up for the KO Show. Natalya kicked the furniture and threw the KO signs out of the ring.

Zelina Vega was shown backstage with her entourage. She told all of them to get along. She asked each of them if they understood her. They all agreed. They then appeared on the Kevin Owens show, where Vega praised all of them. She called Andrade a champion among insects. Garza broke faces and broke hearts. Theory is a prodigy who was that damn good.

Apollo Crews returned in the segment and attacked Andrade, making it a tag team match. Theory tried interfering but he clocked Garza with a forearm by mistake. Crews followed with a sit-out powerbomb for the pinfall win. After the match, Andrade attacked Theory. Andrade and Garza beat him up and Vega pitched in with a slap. They threw a chair on him and left him laying.

They showed a vignette featuring Bianca Belair. The commentators put her over as the one to watch in the women’s division.

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