Sasha Banks Says She’s The Most Famous Horsewoman, Calls Out Charlotte Flair

Sasha Banks appeared on The Bump on Sunday ahead of her triple threat tag team match at Backlash. Banks and Bayley will defend their Women’s Tag Team Championships against Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross and The Iiconics. She talked about her friendship with Bayley and the way people want to separate them:

I am the conversation. They only talk about Sasha Banks and Bayley. They’re never talking about Alexa and Nikki Cross. They’re never talking about Peyton Royce and Billy Kay. They’re only talking about Sasha Banks, and why? Why are people so jealous of our friendship? Why can’t people just leave us alone? Why are people, such haters? But you know what, it’s okay. It doesn’t matter. Because we are the tag team champions, baby, and those tag team titles represent our friendship.

She further stated that she is the Legit Boss of WWE for a reason:

I am the conversation for a reason. I don’t need to prove anymore. I am a two-time tag team champion. I told Alexa Bliss, whenever I wanted to get those back, I would. And what did I do that night? What did I do? I got ’em back. So those haters can keep on hating because I’m going to keep on winning because I am the legit boss of the WWE, and I am the leader of the Women’s Division.

When it comes to them losing the Women’s Tag Team titles last year, she had nothing new to say:

I’m so tired of talking about this. This is last year. And who did the IIconics lose to? Alexa and Nikki Cross. How about you ask them? This is old news. This is last year. This a brand new Sasha Banks and Bayley. The role model. The leader. And we’re going to prove that tonight.

She said that come this Wednesday, she will elevate the NXT Women’s division:

I made NXT. NXT would not be here without Sasha Banks and Bayley. So I am super excited to come back this Wednesday night, and I’m going to show all the women exactly what it’s like to be the legit boss. I mean, Charlotte tried. But I’m gonna make them the stars that they want to be. I’m gonna help them out.

She concluded saying people will always talk about her:

People are gonna keep on talking about me. People are gonna keep on loving me, hating me, whatever. I am the conversation. I am the blueprint. I am the leader. I am the legit boss for a reason. Talk about me. There’s a reason I am the most famous Four Horsewoman. I have the most followers, baby. I am the best of the best. So keep on following me.


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