Today In History: Bella Twins vs. Paige In A Handicap Match (June 15, 2015)

On this day in history, 5 years ago, Paige faced both Bella Twins in a Handicap match, one day removed from her title loss at Money In The Bank. Paige’s one-woman crusade for change in the Divas division wasn’t exactly panning out the way she’d probably like. First, her town-hall meeting with the women’s locker room was met with crickets, and then, when none of the ladies answered her call for a tag partner against The Bella Twins, Nikki & Brie handily dismantled the two-time Divas Champion in a Handicap match. Even after Paige briefly caused the twins to take each other out with a miscommunication, Nikki rescued Brie from the RamPaige and sealed the match with a forearm to the face and the Rack Attack. The Bella empire continued to reign on.

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