Today In History: AJ Lee Wins Her First Divas Championship (June 16, 2013)

On this day in history, 7 years ago, AJ Lee defeated Kaitlyn to win her first-ever Divas Championship at WWE Payback. Both Divas played to their strengths in the contest, with Kaitlyn calling upon her arsenal of power moves and AJ using her speed and agility to wear down the champion. AJ delivered several well-timed dropkicks, which were answered with a forceful clothesline or splash by the titleholder.

After connecting her signature spear on AJ, Kaitlyn crawled over the challenger and blew her a kiss, which allowed her opponent enough time to recover and kick out of the ensuing pinfall. A second spear attempt left Kaitlyn barreling into the turnbuckle, enabling her rival to apply the Black Widow. Unable to find the strength, the powerhouse Diva succumbed to her rival’s submission maneuver by tapping out, conceding defeat and the Divas Title as a result. After the match, Layla walked out to support her friend, Kaitlyn, who was devastated.

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