Charlotte Flair Confirms She’ll Only Be Gone For A Few Weeks

Charlotte Flair, alongside John Brody – the EVP, Global Head of Sales and Partnerships As Head of Global Sales and Partnerships, spoke with Seth Everett of Sport Hiatus to discuss her WWE career, how the COVID-19 changed WWE, the WWE Network, and more.

While talking about the services WWE Network provides, Flair was asked about her injury by Nia Jax and when we could expect to see her return:

I’ll only be gone for a few weeks. The fans can still watch me on the WWE Network while I’m gone. They’re not gonna miss me. I’m gone, but I’m not really gone.

As we reported earlier today, her father, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, said that she could be pushing for a SummerSlam return, but that he hopes she takes an extended break so that she and the WWE Universe can take a break from each other.

Flair was injured in storyline by Nia Jax, but it was reported that she is not sick nor injured, but is out for a personal surgery and some sources even said she could be out until Survivor Series or the Rumble. With this information, we can expect to see her back by SummerSlam to set up a singles match against Nia Jax at the PPV.

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