Today In History: Michelle McCool Wins The Women’s Title (June 28, 2009)

On this day in history, 11 years ago, Michelle McCool defeated Melina at The Bash to become the new Women’s Champion. With her sly student, Alicia Fox, in her corner, McCool battled the three-time Women’s Champion, Melina, in a viciously physical fight. The intense¬†encounter was dominated by McCool, who targeted Melina’s left leg throughout the match.

When Melina finally nearly pinned McCool at The Bash, in a crucial move, Fox pulled her mentor’s leg onto the ropes when the official wasn’t watching. Melina countered, knocking the meddling Fox off her feet at ringside, but McCool returned the favor with a kick to Melina’s jaw, which she targeted in their previous match. Then, with another brutal Faithbreaker, McCool, who had become the first-ever Divas Champion back in 2008 at The Bash, made WWE history again by becoming the first woman to win both the Women’s and the Divas title.

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