Today In History: Summer Rae vs. Layla At Money In The Bank (June 29, 2014)

On this day in history, 6 years ago, love was in the air in Beantown as Fandango’s flames, Summer Rae and Layla, battled for the fleet footed Superstar’s affection at Money in the Bank. Before the match, both Summer and Layla cornered Fandango in the middle of his interview with Byron Saxton, showing off their best assets and ensuring that the dancing Superstar would have a most unenviable task—having to call a fair match between these two beauties.

However, the master of dance made up his mind after Layla floored Summer Rae with a devastating kick to the head. Fandango made the three-count for his current dance partner, then picked Layla for an impromptu make out session over Summer Rae’s prone body. The beautiful blonde was reduced to tears as she watched Fandango and Layla sashay into the Boston night.

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