Dakota Kai On Why NXT Women’s Division Is The Best In The World

Speaking to Newshub NZ, Dakota Kai spoke about her goal to bring WWE to New Zealand, the NXT women’s division, and her goals to win the title. Check out the highlights below.

On the goal to perform in front of New Zealand again:

100 percent. That would be one of the most amazing moments for me, personally, to bring NXT to New Zealand. Not sure when that will be possible, given the COVID-19 restrictions, but I know New Zealand has handled the pandemic superbly, so who knows. It would have to be on top of an Australian tour, but I would put forward the idea of an Auckland show or pretty much anywhere really. I’d love to be able to show my people what I am capable of.

On why NXT women’s division is considered the best in the world:

It’s hard for us to look at ourselves as the best women’s division in the world. We kind of just work together to raise that bar. A lot of these girls have come from independent wrestling, so having that mentality really pushes us to be the best. We love and trust each other completely, and I think that a genuine bond enables us to take things to another level inside the ring.

We all have a lot to say in how we want to tell a story. They [producers] trust us, because of what we have done in elevating the women of NXT to a certain level. They [producers] are always coming to us for creative ideas and where we see our characters going. We just keep rolling with what we have got, and we work together as  a team and continue to raise that bar.

On possibly facing Io Shirai for the title:

She is one of the best, if not the best, women’s wrestler in the world.  We have never faced each other one v one – we had a couple of multi-women matches together, but never a singles match. She’s phenomenal and I am aware of what she’s capable of.  I have my eye firmly planted on the women’s championship.

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