Today In History: ‘That’ Jackie Gayda Match (July 8, 2002)

On this day in history, 18 years ago, Jackie Gayda and Trish Stratus faced off in Mixed Tag action in what by the end of it would be known as ‘That Jackie Gayda match.’ Fresh off Tough Enough, Gayda and Nowinski were ready to prove themselves against Stratus and Bradshaw (JBL). While the men’s portion of the match went smoothly, the inexperience of Gayda showed when she entered the match. After several missed and botched moves, she would be put out by a botched diving Bulldog. She was sent to OVW after the match and returned as the manager of Rico, where she found much more success. Her wrestling career wasn’t too shabby either, where she ended up competing in 2 WrestleMania matches, including the WM 25 battle royal.

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