Becky Lynch And Dakota Kai Reveal Which Ring Names They Were Supposed To Have

Sports Illustrated did an article up that looks at how several wrestlers including Jon Moxley, Kofi Kingston, and others came up with their ring names. Among them was Becky Lynch, who revealed what names she was offered and what she suggested:

When I was coming up with my name in WWE, I came up with a bunch of mad Irish names that I thought were cool. Since my last name is Quin, I tried to get that in there as a first name. Quin Chulainn was one, and that was based off the mythological person from Irish mythology. Cú Chulainn is a badass character in Irish mythology.

They wanted a name associated with my own name, like Rebecca. So I became Becky, and two of the names that came back to me were Becky Lynch and something like Madeleine. I was like, ‘I didn’t even submit that, I don’t know how it got in there.’ It made me think of that TV show Madeleine. Anyway, I said no to that, and the other name that came back was Robin Daly. I actually did like that, but I thought it would be better to have a part of my own name in there, so Becky Lynch it was.

Dakota Kai elaborated on why she chose her indie name and what was the choice behind the current name:

Before I was signed, I was known as Evie, which was my favorite Pokémon, so I made myself that. In NXT, I wanted something that sounded tomboyish but also fit my Polynesian heritage, which is where Kai comes from. Despite people thinking I’m related to Leilani Kai, that’s not it.

I wanted to reflect my Samoan heritage. Any of us that start with NXT, if a name change is needed, we get to go to creative [writers and producers] with all the ideas that we have. I brought every combination of names that I wanted, and I was really lucky to get my first choice.

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