Charlotte Flair Has Reality TV Show In Works

Charlotte Flair recently addressed her recent time away from WWE on Twitter, and how she is undergoing a surgical procedure to fix an issue from her previous surgery. Speaking on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer shared more details on Charlotte Flair, including her having a reality TV deal in the works.

On top of her surgery and recovery, Meltzer stated on her reality TV deal, “She’s also got a TV deal that they’re working on. I’m not sure how far along it is, I think it’s a reality show type of thing.” According to Meltzer, her reality TV project and surgery all play into when she will likely be back on WWE programming.

With regards to Charlotte’s pending return to TV, Meltzer stated that while WWE officials wanted her return for Summerslam, that time frame is likely not possible between her surgery and her reality TV project. He also stated on her return, “When she comes back is undetermined at this point.”

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