Today In History: Beth Phoenix vs. Santino Marella (July 14, 2008)

On this day in history, 12 years ago, Beth Phoenix faced Santino Marella in singles action for the first time. Before the match, Marella talked to Matt Striker backstage. He said he issued an open invitation to anyone in the locker room. As he called out anyone to challenge him, The Glamazon walked out, ready to take him down. Santino won a test of strength and then posed. Phoenix swung a slap attempts at him, but Santino ducked. Phoenix responded by reversing a Santino takedown, then punching away at him. Santino shifted into a sideheadlock, but Phoenix came back with a bodyslam and a two count. When Santino missed a charge into the corner, Phoenix schoolgirled him for a three count. While a pointless match at first, this would lead between a fun relationship between the two in the upcoming year.

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