Nikki Cross Names The Bella Twins As Dream Opponents

Nikki Cross spoke with to discuss her upcoming Extreme Rules match, teaming up with Alexa, her dream tag team matches, and more. Check out the highlights below.

On her Extreme Rules match:

I’m counting down the days! Honestly, I’m just so excited because I think a lot of fans are used to seeing me in tag team action. So, I think this is a chance for them to see aspects of my in-ring game which they haven’t seen, a chance for me to bust out some new moves I’ve been working out. I’m super pumped – buzzing!

On still teaming up with Alexa Bliss:

I think New Day is such a perfect example and that’s who I think of. There’s nothing stopping me and [Alexa] from pursuing everything, from pursuing our tag team goals. New Day, how long have they been a tag team for? I think that’s the perfect example, and we love those guys.

On her dream tag team match:

I’d want to have a tag team match with Alexa because there’s no one else I’d rather that with. It’s not really possible right now but the Bella Twins – we’d have to wait a little while [because of their pregnancies]. Nicole and Brie are just amazing, they’re amazing women. They have been such great role models in the women’s locker room in an in-ring and out of ring aspect.

On other teams she would like to face:

Then you’ve also got Lita and Trish [Stratus]. They were the first women I ever laid eyes on in wrestling. You’ve also got Trish and Mickie, and Mickie’s got her history with Alexa so that’s another story you can play. Trish and Mickie, Trish and Lita, the Bella Twins – even Beth [Phoenix] and Nattie, you’ve got the Divas of Doom. There’s some great combinations.

On what makes her relationship with Alexa unique:

I think it’s more exciting for fans to see the different layers of the friendship. We’re very different personalities, but we have a lot of similarities too and we’ve fought a lot of the same battles on a personal level. We get each other and we support each other, and we uplift each other. She’s been such a good support system for me moving to Raw and SmackDown from NXT. For me, my interest is telling that story.

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