Tegan Nox Talks Coming Out As A Lesbian, Reveals Her WWE Goals

Tegan Nox spoke with Newsweek to talk about her injuries, coming out, dream match, and more. Check out the highlights below.

On coming out as a lesbian on her Instagram:

My life has always been a “don’t ask, don’t tell” situation, but I felt like it was the right time, especially when you’ve found the right one you’re in love with. It was the right time to do that. The reaction has been great. There are a few people who obviously don’t agree with that, but 99 percent of the reactions have been positive. I’ve got texts coming through from so many colleagues and friends. It was nice. It’s great to see that there are so many nice people in the world.

On whether she spoke with Sonya Deville:

I actually talked to Sonya before I even did this. She was a big, big help. She gave me her phone number and told me to text her if I needed anything. So we keep in contact quite a lot about it. She’s a massive help with the fans, because my family knew but my fans didn’t. So she helped me bring it out to the public.

On why Molly Holly is her inspiration:

Molly Holly was the first woman I saw who would fly around the ring. She was the badass, and super-mean and aggressive. She was someone who could “go,” and while it wasn’t her style that I try to imitate, I just want to be one of the women who can “go” and do well in the ring and do it successfully. I feel like she did that perfectly. So if I can do a quarter of what Molly Holly did, even if it means shaving my head, I’ll do it.

On how it felt facing Sasha Banks and Bayley:

It was incredible. They opened the doors for NXT and had one of the best matches I’ve ever seen in Brooklyn. So, being in the ring with them, we learned so much and I know me and Shotzi [Blackheart] came out of that match better competitors than when we went in. Even though the match didn’t go the way we wanted it to, they taught us so much and I’m grateful for that match in general. But if they want to go again, we’ll go again. That’s no problem.

On her dream match:

Oh, Molly Holly. Please give me a Molly Holly match, I just need it. I’m not asking for a lot. Just one match. Let’s go, Molly. If you want me to shave my head, I don’t care. We’ll have a hair vs hair match. Let’s go!

On moving away from her injuries:

I’ve wanted to leave that behind for so long. It’s like, “Yeah, here we go, it’s going to happen again.” But it is a part of my story and past, so I’ve had to accept it, but I’m so ready for that chapter to be over. I’m fed up being the “comeback kid.” I just want to be Tegan Nox, the girl with the shiniest wizard. I’m fed up with people’s sympathies and I’m sure they are fed up giving me sympathy. I’m done with the knees, they’re healthy, they’re healed, they’re good.

On what she wants to accomplish:

Obviously, WrestleMania is the big one. Everyone wants to work at WrestleMania. I would like to do a RAW match, so I can say I’ve done all three. But honestly, I just want to have fun and travel with my friends. That’s my milestone. If I get to do cool things like WrestleMania or win a championship one day, that’s an added bonus for me.


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