NXT Results – July 22, 2020 (All Aboard The Robert Stone Brand)

Aliyah w/Robert Stone vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Aliyah cut off Blackheart for the heat. Aliyah did a cool spot where she did a combo of Northern Ligtht suplexes for a pinning attempt. Blackheart with a comeback that led into a backdrop driver for a near fall. Aliyah countered with a roll-up, and her feet on the ropes for leverage. The ref caught her in the act. Stone got on the apron, and Blackheart booted him in the face. He took a big bump. Blackheart leapt off the top with diving senton, and then covered Aliyah for the pinfall.

Winner: Shotzi Blackheart

Stone was selling his leg after the match. Blackeart got into her tank, and she ran over his good leg. Mercedes Martinez ran down and attacked Blackheart. She stared at Stone, but she did not help him. Martinez backed away as Aliyah kept trying to lift the tank off of Stone’s leg.

Dakota Kai did a promo on her phone where she called out Io Shirai and demanded a title shot.

Mercedes Martinez found Robert Stone and Aliyah, and laid down a deal. She needed someone to handle stuff outside the ring. All the things that she didn’t care about. Stone agreed and made a deal with her.

Scarlett was with Kross as he defeated Dominik Dijakovic. Kross grabbed Dijakovic in his clucthes to finish the job. Kross applied a sleeper, and Lee had to sit by and watch as his friend was choked out. Lee got in the ring to check on Dijakovic.

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